Morning Musings: Psalm 102:12

“But you, O Lord, are enthroned forever; you are remembered throughout all generations.”  (ESV – Read the chapter)

In last Friday’s Morning Musing we saw the psalmist here pouring out his heart to God from out of a place of utter desperation.  His world was falling to pieces and it felt like even God Himself had abandoned him.  Now, while there are a couple of psalms that end there in the darkness, most of them make a turn at some point.  Here we find the turn for this one.  Everything was falling apart and it seemed life itself might be ending, but…  

Do you remember the School House Rock song, Conjunction Junction?  (Because I love you: Here it is.)  Conjunctions are little words that link together two or more different ideas.  They make connections.  To be composed of so few letters, they have the potential to be really powerful words.  When it comes to the Scriptures, “but” is one of the most powerful there is.

It is the word that gets us from being lost in our sins to salvation by grace through faith in Romans 3:21.  In Acts 2:23-24 it gets Jesus from dead in the tomb to alive forever as our resurrected Savior.  Read Romans 8 sometime and count just how many “buts” there are in that monumentally important chapter.  Here, “but” shows us the way out of a valley of the shadow of death.

Life may be falling apart, but God is on His throne.  More than that, He is enthroned forever.  He will never not be on His throne.  This means He will never not be sovereign over His creation including our lives and what is happening in them.  Things may be falling apart, but if we are serving the God who is on His throne and are a part of His eternal kingdom, we can rest assured that He will never let things get beyond His control.  He will walk with us through whatever storm or valley we happen to be facing.  He will hold us together even when our life is crumbling.

Even if we can’t see Him at the moment, because He is on His throne we can pause in our misery to offer thanks that He is still sovereign and that He is with us.  Gratitude like this is transformative in a hard situation.  It gives us the ability to look beyond the misery and find the beauty around us.  Sometimes this attitude change alone can lead to an improvement in our circumstances.  Even if it doesn’t, though, a heart of gratitude can make the road and its load easier to bear.

The “but” here reminds us of even one more important thing as well.  God is not only enthroned forever, He is remembered throughout all generations.  What does this mean?  It means that other folks have walked the same road we have and also have experienced the grace of His sovereignty pulling them through it.  We can look to their testimonies of God’s royal faithfulness and be encouraged that because He is enthroned forever He will do the same for us in our situation.

Life may be hard and the valley deep, but the Lord is enthroned forever.  Lean hard into His rule as king and let Him show you His faithful love.  You are not alone.

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