Morning Musings: Psalm 115:8

ing”Those who make them become like them; so do all who trust in them.”  (ESV – Read the chapter)

One of the things that begins to become clear throughout the Scriptures is that we become like the thing we worship.  Whoever or whatever it is that we give our highest devotion gradually shapes us to more and more reflect its identity and character.

You’ve probably seen this happen before.  Perhaps you have watched a son or daughter or else a friend begin to hang out with a new group of friends who are pretty different from the old ones.  Over time, the individual gradually begins to dress more like the new friends, talk more like the news friends, and behave more like the new friends.  Adults do the same thing.

The questions we must ask ourselves, then, are these: What are the things I am allowing to impact my heart and influence my worldview?  To what things am I giving my devotion and are any of them higher than the devotion I am giving to Jesus (be honest!)?  If any of these things are higher than His devotion, am I comfortable with the person they will shape me into being?  What are the characteristics of this thing or person?  What can it or he or she give me that Jesus cannot?  Is this thing or person a source of life?  Can it or he or she help me solve any significant problems or challenges I am currently facing?

These may not be easy questions to answer, but they are important to at least ask to force ourselves into a place of awareness of the sources of influence we are allowing into our lives.  We will become like what we worship.  Let us be sure we are worshiping only what we are comfortable resembling.

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