Morning Musings: John 6:67

“So Jesus said to the twelve, ‘Do you want to go away as well?'”  (ESV – Read the chapter)

Jesus had just blown their minds almost beyond the point of recovery.  He had introduced some ideas to them using a metaphor–one that He would later make explicit when He inaugurated the Lord’s Supper–that, frankly, grossed out most of the crowd.  So they left.  And as the crowds were departing, Jesus turned to the twelve and asked if they wanted to leave too.

There are times when He comes to us with the same question.  Things have gotten tough and others are going away.  Do you want to leave too?  I am of the mind that our culture as a whole is in this place.  There are many who are walking away from the faith they’ve known in the past, or who have already done so.  And so Jesus comes to us and asks: Do you want to go too?

It’s a question we all have to wrestle with at some point in our lives.  But, before we answer it, let us think through the implications.  This is what Peter did when he responded.  He looked at Jesus and said, “Lord, you have the words of life.  To whom shall we go?”

If you’re going to choose other than Jesus–and let’s be clear that you have the freedom to do so–you’re going to need to be able to answer Peter’s question.  Where else are you going to go?  Who else are you going to follow?  How does this other thing compare with Jesus?  How does it compare with the Christian faith?  If it’s not better at every point, then why would you leave?  If it does not bring you the promise of eternal life, why would you go?  If this new person or thing you are following does not have your absolute best interests at heart, why would you follow them?

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