From One to the Next

This week was Mother’s Day, and a happy Mother’s Day to you. This week also finds us continuing in our series, How to Read the Bible. What does Mother’s Day have to do with Bible basics? That’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about. Thanks for tuning in.

From One to the Next

Moms are a pretty amazing thing. Did you know that? Dads are important too. In fact, they are essential when it comes to turning out kids who are well-rounded, emotionally healthy, and set up for lifetime success. But there’s just something especially significant about moms. And not just moms either. God made women with this unique ability to nurture that men don’t have. Let me give you an example. If one of my boys gets a war wound of some sort, I think they pretty much all know what they’re going to get if they come to me. They’re going to get a once-over visual inspection, they’re going to be told they’re fine, and they’re going to be sent back out to play again. If there’s blood, we’ll deal with that a little differently, but otherwise they’re pretty much going to get told to suck it up and keep going. Sometimes, though, an injury needs a little bit more care and compassion. It’s not that I don’t care or have compassion, it’s just that I don’t default to those…because I’m a guy. God didn’t build me like that. He did build moms—and women generally—that way, though. 

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