Morning Musings: Psalm 102:1

“Hear my prayer, O Lord; let my cry come to you!”  (ESV – Read the chapter)

Sometimes our circumstances are hard enough that we just need to cry out to the Lord and tell Him how awful we feel.  This psalm is good for that.  When you feel completely broken and like God Himself has abandoned you, these are words you can cry out to Him.  Even if they feel a little uncomfortable, still, you can pray them with confidence because the psalmist already did and they were included in the Scriptures.  

God wants to be in a relationship with us above all else save the recognition of His own glory.  And, our being in a relationship with Him increases His glory (not because of us, but because we were created for that and thus His creation is operating according to the purpose He gave it), so these two work toward the same end.

Because of sin, though, sometimes relationships are hard.  The deepest, truest, and most fulfilling relationships endure through the hard stuff and even because of the hard stuff.  Consider your relationship with your best friend.  Consider the relationship between a husband and a wife.  I recently did a wedding ceremony.  As I was writing up the couple’s vows, I included the promise to be faithful “for better and for worse.”  The very best relationships endure in the better and in the worse.  That’s exactly what God desires to have with us and why He’s willing and even inviting of us to come to Him in our ugliest moments and tell Him all about how we are feeling.

If you are feeling low this morning, then take a minute and make these verses your prayer.

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