Digging in Deeper: Psalm 120:2

“Deliver me, O Lord, from lying lips, from a deceitful tongue.”  (ESV – Read the chapter)

The psalmist is almost certainly talking about the lying lips and deceitful tongue of another person here, but if you’ll indulge me for a minute, let’s run in a slightly different direction.  You have perhaps prayed for God to deliver you from the trouble caused by another person, but how about the trouble caused by…you?

Turn this verse from an outwardly-focused one to an inwardly-focused one.  Lord, deliver me from speaking lies that I then have to try and keep up with.  Deliver me from a deceitful tongue that makes wounds in the people around me, hurting relationships, and resulting in a more difficult life for not just me, but the people on the other side of those relationships as well.

Or perhaps you have a different set of sins from which you need delivering.  Lord, deliver me from a spirit of pride that leaves me letting go of you in order to try life on my own…only to fall flat on my face time and time again.  Deliver me from the arrogance that keeps me separated from the people I need so desperately to make it through each day.

Lord, deliver me from the grip of jealousy.  When I tear down other people from out of my desire to have what they do, they refuse to be with me and I don’t want to be alone.  Keep me from the stifling hold of being discontent with what you have given me so that I don’t go looking for more in places that will only lead me into trouble.

Lord, deliver me from gossip.  When I spend all my time talking about other people and their problems people stop trusting me.  Lift me out of the hold of insecurity that seeks to find its assurance in knowing–and letting it be known–that at least I’m not as bad off as those other people who have real problems, like…

Lord, deliver me from the hand of addiction.  Being enslaved to something, no matter what it is or how trivial it seems, keeps me from fully enjoying the life you have called me to live.  I want to be fully alive with you, but if I am constantly at the beck and call of this other thing, I find myself leaving your side too often to enjoy that life.  And the fruits of this slavery are increasingly bitter.  They weren’t in the beginning.

Lord, deliver me from the trouble that I cause when I lean into my flesh and not into your Spirit.  Help me draw from your Spirit every day and at all times.  Help me hide your word deep in my heart so that it will be a foundation for my decision-making, but help me also keep it fresh and bubbling at the surface so I don’t have to go looking for it when I need it.  Let the truth of who you are become the filter for seeing all of the circumstances I am in and the people I have around me.  Make me complete in your sight so that I can be fully who you made me to be.  Deliver me from…me…so that I can be fully you.

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