Morning Musings: Psalm 139:4

“Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether.”  (ESV – Read the chapter)

Have you ever struggled with feeling known?  One of the challenges of social media today is that a person can have hundreds, even thousands of followers, but no one who really knows them.  We need to be known.  This desire isn’t just a symptom of an unhealthy ego, it is a fundamental need as humans.

I think the reason for this is in part that we are fundamentally social creatures.  We exist in groups.  We have always existed in groups.  Now, someone might protest that the frontier spirit that existed in full force during the expansionist era of our own nation shows that people can do fine on their own.  But this relies a bit too much on the Hollywood version of things.  While there were perhaps a few trailblazers who went out on their own, most folks headed west in groups and settled near each other.  Being totally on your own on the frontier was likely a recipe for death, not personal satisfaction.

Being known means that we are connected to a community.  This is what is important.  And it has to be real too in order to have the impact we need it to have.  It’s not enough for someone to simply be around people.  Unless we have a person or group or people who can see through the shell we usually wear, we begin to feel alone and isolated.

How many kids have done dangerous things in order to get attention because they felt like nobody knew them at all?  How many adults have thrown themselves into deeply foolish situations because they were so desperate for this group connection, or even just a single connection with another person?  This is why gangs can often recruit so effectively.  They may be crime families, but they are often families who know each other and are committed to each other.

None of this has to be.  It doesn’t have to be because of the truth gloriously revealed in the opening verses of Psalm 139.  Here it is: God knows you.  He knows you completely.  He knows everything about you.  Everything.  He knows when you rise and when you lie down.  He knows what you’re thinking.  As this verse proclaims, He knows what you’re going to say before even you say it.  What’s more, you can’t get away from Him (even if sometimes you want to!).  You can try to run from Him to the ends of the earth, but He will follow you there.

You never have to be alone or feel isolated in this life.  If you’ll have Him, you always have someone with you who knows you inside and out.  He knows you and loves you unconditionally.  He accepts you just as you are, but never leaves you there.  He is absolutely committed to seeing you become the best possible version of yourself.  He’ll let nothing stand in the way of seeing this happen.  All you have to do is be willing to go with Him.  Because of the commitment our God has made to us, being alone in this life is always a choice.  Let us be sure we don’t make it.

2 thoughts on “Morning Musings: Psalm 139:4

  1. Ronald E. Keener

    To the first part of this commentary, I know a woman in my church who will, on the spur of the moment, call six or eight families/couples in the church and say let’s meet for lunch today at such and such a place, sometimes people who did not know each other before hand. She is big on community and is very inviting, very social. So few of us would do that. She is also the coordinator of our church’s “Circles” groups, the ideal person for that responsibility. She has a unique talent in that way and people are happy to say “Sure, it works for me.”


    • pastorjwaits

      Having a coordinator for that kind of ministry in a church is a big deal. Your family is blessed to have her. Sporadic meetings like that are good. The next step is to make them regular and intentional. Making that kind of community part of the character of the church is the goal.


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