Morning Musings: Colossians 2:6

“Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him…”  (ESV – Read the chapter)

Our confession when we become followers of Jesus is that He is Lord.  Well, if we really believe He is Lord, this is necessarily going to affect how we live.

If He is Lord, this means we are not.  It means nothing else is either.  If He is not merely the Lord, but our Lord, it means we are beholden to do what He says, to live life His way, to walk in Him as Paul says here.  So then…how are you doing with that?

Have you yielded your life to Him fully?  Have you yielded your will to Him?  Have you yielded your calendar to Him?  Have you yielded your hobbies to Him?  Have you yielded your resources to Him?  Have you yielded your time to Him?  Have you given Him access to the secret places in your heart?  Have you unlocked the cellars of your soul so that He can begin examining your foundation and supporting joists in order to make any necessary repairs?

When we say Jesus is Lord, we give over control of our lives to Him.  He is the new owner.  Lisa and I have recently been going through the process of buying a house.  We officially and finally move in tomorrow.  When all is said and done (and we finish paying back the bank!), we will prayerfully be the new owners of this house.  Before this happened, though, we had the home inspected.  We hired a guy to come in and go over the house with a fine-toothed comb in order to find everything wrong with it.  This was a bit disheartening, I’ll confess, but it gave us an honest picture of the real shape the house was in so we could begin to do something about it.

When Jesus takes up ownership of our lives, we need to let Him take us on an inspection tour of our lives.  Every step of the way He is going to show us places where we are broken.  This won’t be easy.  But, every step of the way He will assure us that He can fix them if we will give them over to Him as part of the transfer of ownership.

Then, when the sale is complete and Jesus is fully the owner of our houses, we need to walk in Him.  We need to live like He is our owner.  Everything in and about us becomes subject to His plans, His will, and His desires.  This will lead us to the kind of growth we desire and will enable us to live the abundant life He bought us to be able to enjoy.  So, if Jesus is your Lord, live like it.

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