Morning Musing: 2 Corinthians 5:2-3

“Indeed, we groan in this tent, desiring to put on our heavenly dwelling, since, when we have taken it off, we will not be found naked.”‬‬ (CSB – Read the chapter

One of the currently popular shows on the Discovery Channel is called Naked and Afraid. Admittedly, I’ve never watched it, but from the constant ads for it I’ve seen while watching various other shows on the network, the premise seems to be that one or two people have been dropped off somewhere rugged and remote and have to survive for some amount of time using nothing but a single personal item and their wits. Also, that single personal item is the onlything they have with them. Thus the title of the show. The only thing the ads have convinced me of beyond the show’s total lack of entertainment value is that I don’t think surviving in the wild is supposed to work like that. 

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The Greatest Gift

Merry Christmas!  In this penultimate entry in our series, God Moved into the Neighborhood, we talk about the greatest gift ever given.  When Jesus came to earth as a baby, He came bringing with Him the first and greatest Christmas gift.  He gave us the gift of knowing God.  Keep reading or listening to learn more.


The Greatest Gift

Okay, so I want to take a little poll this morning: Who’s finished with all your Christmas shopping?  You don’t have to make any last-minute trips out to the store this afternoon.  Alright, tougher question: Who already has everything wrapped?  I think we’re officially done in the Waits household.  Do you have any gifts that you’re especially excited to give this year?  We have a couple of cool surprises picked out, but I can’t say anything in present company.  I actually have one in particular I’m pretty excited about…but I can’t say anything about that either in light of other present company.  Do you remember the best Christmas gift you ever received?  And forget for a minute that you’re in church and get totally materialistic.  What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever gotten for Christmas?  I’m not sure what would go on my list.  I remember getting new cymbals for my drum set when I was in high school.  That was pretty fun.  A few years ago, Lisa got me a donut maker about which I was awfully excited.  Part of that, though, was due to the fact that it combined two things I love—kitchen gadgets and donuts—into one appealing package.  It was even shaped like a donut! Read the rest…