Reaching Further

In this third part of our conversation about who God made us to be as a church, we talked about the fact that connecting and growing, while necessary, are not sufficient in and of themselves.  Thank you for taking part in this conversation with us and reflecting on God’s design for your own community.  Don’t miss next week as we put everything together and celebrate the thing that gives it all substance: The resurrection.


Reaching Further

Have you ever had a secret that was simply too good to keep to yourself?  It was news that you just weren’t going to be able not to share; you were just going to have to deal with the consequences later?  Or perhaps make this more personal: Have you ever gotten a bit of good news that you couldn’t possibly have not shared with the world?  In our social media-crazed world, some days it seems like most folks think everything is worth sharing.  “I got a promotion!”  “I ran a marathon!”  “My kid is on the honor roll!”  “My dog really like its new bed!”  “I woke up this morning!”  “I’m asleep now (my fingers are set on auto-post)!”  What starts to happen is that as everything gets shared, it can begin to seem like really, nothing is worth sharing.  I submit to you, though, that some things really are worth sharing.  What’s more, some places are designed to help us do that.  And I’m not talking about Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Read the rest…

Here We Are…Now What?

This past Sunday was my first sermon at FBC Oakboro.  We talked about the church and how it was designed to work from the beginning.  Here’s the audio and the transcript.

This day has been a long time coming, hasn’t it?  But I am glad it is finally here.  When Robbie first reached out to us by email over six months ago, while Lisa and I were prepared to go where and when God called us, moving honestly wasn’t something that really was on our radar.  We had been at Central for nearly nine years and had seen the church community there really hit its stride over the past 2-3 years.  The community was seeing sweet fruit coming to bear from the work we had done together and leaving just wasn’t something we were chomping at the bit to do.  And yet we felt drawn to say, “Yeah, sure; let’s have a conversation,” because who knows what God had planned. Read the rest…