Something Extra: Today’s Solar Eclipse

I won’t do this often, but today’s special.  This afternoon (peaking at 2:41 PM where I’ll be watching) a narrow slice of the country (with way more than its normal population crammed in there together to see it) will have the rare pleasure of getting to witness a total solar eclipse.  This is a unique treat that in the whole of our galaxy happens only here on earth where the only creatures who inhabit our galaxy happen to live can see it.  Yet more than being something really cool, albiet totally random in a godless, chance-powered universe, an event like this one is a powerful pointer to the notion that maybe the whole thing isn’t a miracle of chance at all.  Perhaps there is an intelligent mind behind it.  Science stops there, but it doesn’t take a theologian very much effort to make some hops, skips, or jumps to a thesis or twelve as to what kind of a mind this might be.  

Rather than try and explain it myself, though, I’m going to leave to someone much more knowledgeable.  To learn a bit more about just how unique an event like today’s eclipse is and in how many powerful ways it points in the direction of an intelligent mind behind the creation of the universe whom we as Christians can very reasonably conclude is the very same intelligent mind to whom we are introduced in Genesis 1:1, check out this article by Discovery Institute fellow and co-author of the book, The Privileged Planet, Jay Richards:

As you watch this afternoon from wherever you happen to be, be safe (both during the viewing and as you get back on the road with everyone else in the country to return home), enjoy the experience, and let yourself experience the wonder that our God would create a world that includes such incredible opportunities for amazement.  This is the kind of God we serve.

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