Morning Musings: Isaiah 26:3

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”  (ESV – Read the chapter)

What a powerful exclamation!  Many people go through this life on a quest for peace.  They search and seek for rest in the midst of the craziness of life.  They journey to all kinds of different places to find it.  They take up with a variety of practices.  Anyone who promises peace has their attention.

What so many of these pursuits for peace have in common, though, is that their goal is to take us out of our circumstances in order to find it.  Eastern meditation practices in particular are aimed at drawing us inside of ourselves and away from the world around us.  They endeavor to connect us with some higher spiritual plane that is disconnected from the events of this life.  There is no lasting peace to be found there, though, because eventually you have to come back here.

For those who seek peace through trips to exotic places or in exercise or in reading or in journaling or in anything whose goal is to carve out a space alongside real life where we can take shelter, they are invariably pursuing a flight of fancy.  Again, the reason for this is simple: You can’t stay there forever.  If you don’t have peace in this life, creating a fantasy world where you feel like you have it won’t work because fantasy worlds don’t last.  They are fantasies and eventually the real is going to crowd them out or knock them down.  And then where will be their precious peace?

There is a better way.  Rather than seeking peace apart from our circumstances, we can seek it from within them.  When we seek peace, not as an absence of trouble, but as a contentedness in the midst of the storms, we don’t have to leave this life in order to find it.  We can find it by attaching ourselves to the God who is sovereign over the storms and can keep us safe when we are in them.  When we commit our minds and hearts to Him, nothing in this world can ultimately steal our peace.  There is no storm big enough to blow us away because He is our solid rock.  When we commit ourselves to His path, we will find–and keep–the peace we seek.  As you begin your work week today, place yourselves in the hands of the God who alone brings peace and have a great week.

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