Morning Musings: Genesis 12:2

“And I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.”  (ESV – Read the chapter)

God’s blessings when we experience them are an amazing thing.  Have you known the blessing of God before?  Have you experienced the weight of His presence in a hard moment?  Have you worn the lightness of His burden when you were deep in the trenches of life?  Have you had one of those moments when everything was going right?  That must have been something like what Abram was feeling.

If Abram was willing to follow God in faith, God was going to bless him.  If I could have God’s personal assurance of blessing like this, I’d like to think I’d be willing to follow Him anywhere.  Wouldn’t you?  Think of how good our lives would be.

That’s where our minds tend to go, isn’t it?  If God blesses me, I am going to be really blessed.  And yet, while that is certainly true, that’s not where God’s promise of blessing to Abram stopped.  It’s not where any of His blessings in the Scriptures stop.  It’s not where His blessings of us are intended to stop either.

God didn’t simply promise to bless Abram, in the same breath He told Abram the reason for the blessing.  God was going to bless him so that he could be a blessing to other people.  God’s intention was not simply to bless Abram, it was to bless other people through Abram.  Indeed, as He expanded on the nature of this blessing over the years, it is clear through the lens of the New Testament that He was promising Jesus to Abram.  Through Abram’s line of descendants came Jesus who has blessed the whole world many times over.

This same pattern applies in our own lives.  When God blesses us, it is never solely for us.  It is always intended to go through us to someone else.  Friends, this idea should transform entirely the way we view everything in our lives.  Anything that has come from God–which is everything–is to be used and enjoyed by us as a means of blessing someone else.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  If you are a follower of Jesus, you are to be a blessing kind of person.  This is quite simply because you serve a blessing kind of God.

So then, how can you be a blessing?  How can you take what God has given you and use it for the benefit of a person in your circle of influence?  How can you reach beyond that?  How can you leverage your advantages, whatever they may happen to be, for the sake of someone who does not enjoy similar advantages?  How can your resources be used to resource those around you?  This is their purpose.  If you aim for anything less, you’ll never enjoy them to their fullest extent.  Be a blessing.  It’s what God made you for.

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