Morning Musings: Judges 17:13

“Then Micah said, ‘Now I know that the Lord will prosper me, because I have a Levite as priest.”  (ESV – Read the chapter)

Consider the insanity of this for a minute.  This man has set up his own household god, hired a passing Levite as his personal priest of his personal religion, and now boasts confidently of the blessing of the Lord because of it.

When we are living under this level of delusion, nothing good is waiting on the horizon for us.  Yet how often do we do about this same thing?  We speak confidently of the Lord’s blessing while maintaining some secret habit of sin.  We are living with our own code of morality, namely that we can live as we please, doing what’s right in our own eyes, and still claiming the pleasure of God.  This is insanity and will only end in trouble.  It is swimming against the stream of reality that will eventually carry you away.

If you have sin loose in your life, no matter how small it may seem to you, get it out.  You’ve lost sight of the holiness of God and are running up against the line of worshiping some other god while yet calling it by God’s name.  This is among the most insidious and dangerous forms of idolatry.  Leave it behind.  Come to repentance.  Get the help you need.  Come back to the truth and the light.  Even if the road back is hard, it’s better than the one you are on.  Let go of your delusion and come back to life.

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