Morning Musing: Luke 1:37

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”  (ESV – Read the chapter

Nothing will be impossible with God. Six little words with a big impact. Yet what exactly do they mean? 

Well…they mean what they say. Nothing is impossible with God. Now, that doesn’t mean God can do literally anything we can imagine. We can imagine things that aren’t logically possible. God can’t make a boulder too heavy for Himself to lift because that’s logically impossible. Neither can He make a round square or a married bachelor. Things that can’t be done according to the laws of logic are off the table and doesn’t impact the truth of this statement at all. 

But everything else is on the table. All of it. Anything you or I could imagine but that we then think, “There’s no way that could happen,” is something God can do. The Christmas story reminds us of this rather dramatically. 

Mary was a virgin. And then she was pregnant. Impossible. But not with God. Biologically speaking, the God who created life in the first place simply created a sperm cell inside of Mary that then fertilized one of her eggs. Forget impossible for God, that wasn’t even hard for God. 

What are some things in your life that seem like they would be impossible? Do you have a relationship that seems broken beyond repair? Are you in a financial mess that seems it will never be cleaned up? Do you have someone who seems stubbornly opposed to the news of the Gospel? Hear well what the angel said to Mary: nothing will be impossible for God. 

How will God do it? I don’t know and you won’t be able to guess until He does it. But, hear this equally well: Not impossible doesn’t mean easy. God did something anyone would have considered impossible in Mary, but the path from where she was to where God was going was fraught with hardships. 

Restoring a broken relationship in your life won’t be easy. It’ll take a lot of hard work and prayer and patience and prayer and grace and prayer and forgiveness and prayer and atoning for sins and none of that is easy. But with God it is not impossible. Cleaning up that financial mess isn’t impossible with God. Seeing that stubborn heart embrace the Gospel isn’t impossible with God. Nothing is impossible with God. 

So, whatever your impossible happens to be, join Mary in submitting it fully to God, taking courage, and walking forward with Him to see how He will make it come to pass.

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